Laura Rizzotto / Lucas Rizzotto

He’s looking at me
And I’m looking at him
High School flashback in my head
Parara, parara
He’s saying the words
He’s saying exactly what should be said
It’s all coming back to me in my head
Parara, parara


So won’t you wake up
And finally break in?
Show me some love
If that’s what it is
You’ve got a lot to prove
So won’t you wake up
And grab what you’ve found?
Don’t leave me waiting for another round
‘Cause you just might lose
For the last time

The way that you move, so distracting
You take off your hat and put it on me
Parara, parara
And all I can think about is fate is a funny thing
Time did us well and now, this is happening
Parara, parara


Look at us now, all grown up
And though I’m still the girl with the phones and the hood
To me, you’re the boy with the low voice and blue jeans
Who would have thought that we’d be tight right now?
We’ve crossed our paths so many times
But somehow we managed to be here once again
And I’m giving you all that I am
For the last time