Laura Rizzotto

You play with my hair
And then you hold with both hands
My cheek bones
And with a velvet tone
You promise me that you won’t
Ever, ever let me go
Your eyes confess it ain’t a joke
I know it ain’t a joke

How do you always find the best way
To compromise?
Don’t ever change your ways
Your amazing grace


You’re the gentleman I found between the boys
I forget where I stand when you play it coy
You’re the poetry that doesn’t have to rhyme
You’re one of a kind
I know people say love is overrated
How could it be real if it wasn’t complicated?
You’re just like a curve caught in straight lines
You’re one of a kind
You’re one of a kind

Hearts locked
You kept me like your diamond
And everything you’ve ever done
Is a song perfectly sung
I’ve never had this kind of luck
So call me dumb or call me wise
I couldn’t help it if I tried
You got me so out of line

There’s something about the particular way
That you caress my hand, is it how you say
“Please, be mine today?”


Blue eyes, I think that you might be the one
I know we’ve only just begun
We’ve only just begun