Laura Rizzotto/Lucas Rizzotto

Did anyone ever show you how to hold me tight?
How to do me right?
You did me wrong
Don’t know if it ever could catch you by surprise
But when you say you love me
It feels so wrong

Now my heart is sinking
While I’m thinking of you
Do you feel this
When you think of me too?
I might be mistaken, but I think you do


I don’t want you to leave
But can’t you see that you did it again?
And the river is starting to dry
I’m giving you all that I am
And it pains me to sing every line
I was never qualified to pretend
And you never really took the time
Can’t you see that you did it again?
And it hurts every time that you lie

Did anyone ever show you how to shake my bones?
How to hypnotize my heart and soul?
Baby, did you ever run out of alibies?
Or is it the first time
Now that I’m gone?

It was never enough
Though I thought I loved you
We lost the touch
And you’re losing me too
How come the right thing is so hard to do?


Now you got me thinking
Now I don’t have a clue
All that you meant to me
Did I mean it to you?
I’m not the kind of girl you can call a fool
So I’m closing my eyes
But I’m not sleeping
Got you stuck in my head
Leave me to my thoughts
When I’m going to bed
How could I go on hanging by a thread?


You never really took the time
Every time you lie