By Laura Rizzotto & Jonathan Asperil

By Laura Rizzotto & Jonathan Asperil

Never told you no lie
But I’ve been getting feelings I’ve been trying to hide
I don’t wanna waste your time
If there’s no going back

When I look into your eyes
The future you see, to me feels like a past life
I don’t wanna let go
I gotta let go


Then, you start doing that thing that I like
You know me well, yeah you care and get it right
My head is spinning, oh is it a sign
To give it a try?
Maybe one more night


Oh baby, if you can remind me what it feels like
I’ll give it one more night
Baby, take me, make me put all of my doubt aside
For maybe one more night
Ah ah ah ah ah
Maybe one more night
Ah ah ah ah ah
Maybe one more

Thought I’d walk away this time
But you tangle me up when I’m about to cut ties
Physical type of bribe
When you pull me back in


When I’m about to make up my mind
Take me back to where we started on the east side
Downing sangria, you holding me tight
Can we go back in time?


“ONE MORE NIGHT” credits:

  • Written by Laura Rizzotto & Jonathan Asperil
  • Produced by Jonathan Asperil
  • Mixed by Pablo San Martin
  • Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis