Laura Rizzotto

I hate to admit but

I still hope that you’ll

Walk through my door

It’s hard to think about it

Knowing that you don’t

Think about me anymore


And I’ll drink all the wine that I have tonight

Until I feel numb

And I’ll get some sleep

But in the morning I’m waking up



With teardrops all over my pillow

I know it won’t be the last time

That I’ll miss you

Tick tock, you kissed me and time stopped

Why open a door when your heart was locked

For anyone new?


It wasn’t for too long

But did it ever mean anything to you at all?

‘Cause I know for a second

I truly believed that I was free to fall


I didn’t realize, when you held me tight

We were not on the same page

I guess I’ll be fine, but late at night

I’m awake




And while you don’t know the way you feel

The pain will make me sure that it was real

Did you ever take the time heal?

Did you ever cry? Did you ever find?