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Thank you so much for this amazing of “Funny Girl”, Martin! Check it out on the link below! 😉  #FunnyGirlSquad 🃏♥️🇱🇻


“One thing this entry has that my other favourites don’t is a narrative, a story, a link that connects many listeners with Laura as she relates her tale.  Unrequited love, infatuation in one direction only never to be returned by the other, the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’.  I love “Funny Girl” – it is a great story and shows the real pain and sadness of a beautiful woman, whose best bud is someone that she wants to have for her own but she is just his witty and reliable friend.  Aside from the lyrics, I loved this jazz/pop arrangement with the instrumentation adding so much to the song under the surface, allowing her voice to take full control and add layer on layer of emotion.  The other plus that Ms Rizzotto has on her competition at the moment is that this video demonstrates her performance skills – how she connects with the camera, the sadness in her eyes, her gorgeous pout, together with the ability to convey that this story could be a real one for her.  For such a slow paced song with minimal changes in vocal volume, this entry is totally engaging – voice, music and lyrics all come together to give us a song with a story, quite the rarity in modern day pop.  As you can tell, I absolutely adored this entry and I hope that the staging helps to take this through to the Final and beyond…

So some time in February 2018, three semi finals and then the Supernova Final will be staged.  Two songs from each of the three SFs will make it through, which means that even in a LMBTO dreamland, one of these songs will fail to progress to the Final and that is assuming that they are evenly spread throughout!   What my preferences do provide you with is a huge variation in musical styles and spectacle…

My final word on how Supernova may play out must focus on my douze point entry – Laura Rizzotto, 50% Latvian, 50% Brazilian, 100% singer-songwriter with a song that is already one of the bonuses of this 2018 Eurovision season.  “Funny Girl” is my tip for the win in Latvia, based on what we have seen and heard so far – I am definitely looking forward to the Latvian selection process and plan to pay much more attention to Supernova than usual.  If Laura does win and get to sing in Lisbon, she’ll have the advantage of her Brazilian heritage lending itself to fluency in Portuguese.  She’s also already proved that she is true to her ‘other 50%’ – she’s already bought the t-shirt…”

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