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How about a little Brazilian music… with a twist?

I’ve always felt passionate about Brazilian music. When living abroad, I wanted my friends to experience and understand the beauty of Brazilian lyrics and poetry, so I decided to start writing these English versions of Brazilians songs I felt passionate about. So now, I decided to share one of these versions with you guys!

The song a bluesier tune called “Estranho Jeito de Amar” by former Brazilian pop-duo Sandy & Junior. The response has been AMAZING! The video got over 100k views on Facebook in less than 24 hours (now it has over 250k), but the best part is the amount of people sharing and the positive comments made in the video. Such positive energy guys, thanks for the love!

Download my version of the song on my SoundCloud my clicking here

Check out the video on my Facebook Page here.

Check out the video on YouTube here

Stay positive and stay tuned! Great things are coming this year. I can feel it.



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