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By: Laura Rizzotto

I found my missing piece
He’s a foreign lover
Cynical discovery
But time gave us just a tease
We had three sunsets
Why did he have to leave?

Ooh, while he was mine
Ooh, it felt like I, I must, I must be dreaming

Bonjour, bonjour mes amie
Bonjour, bonjour mon Paris
And if you ever come back to me
All you gotta say is
“Bonjour, bonjour ma chérie”

Can we just hit rewind
And spend a whole summer hiding under covers?
Typical lovers in disguise, oh
I hope some day
You’ll come back to find me to drive you crazy
One more time

Ooh, until the stars align
Ooh, I guess that I, I’ll keep, I’ll keep on dreaming


Ooh, when the stars align
Ooh, all you gotta say is


Credits: 3- “Bonjour”

Written by Laura Rizzotto
. Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Andy Seltzer
. Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis @Joe Lambert Mastering