Red Flags

By: Laura Rizzotto, Mike MacAllister & Brandon Sheer

We got that fire
Running so wild
I know, I know
You’re my all-nighter
Lover and fighter
I know, I know

I can see the writing on the wall
I always knew
Knew that you and I were built to fall
Oh, it’s no use
Got no one to blame
It’s not your fault
Oh, I can’t get through

Everywhere I look
I’m seeing red flags
You know we’ve got a few
Red flags
I know you see them too
I’m waving the white flag
It’s time to call a truce
Before I fall in love, fall in love
Fall in love with you

Could’ve been something
But it’s all or nothing
You know, you know
You kept me guessing
And I kept pretending
I know, I know



Before I fall in love, fall in love with you
Fall in love with you



Credits “Red Flags”

. Written by Laura Rizzotto, Mike MacAllister, Brandon Sheer

. Produced & Recorded by: Mike MacAllister @Creekside Sound, NYC

. Mixed by: Pablo San Martin @Esoteric Sound Studio, NYC

. Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis @Joe Lambert Mastering